About Me

Janet Avila-Medina ’12

Hi, my name is Janet Avila-Medina. I was born and raised my whole life in the beautiful and small town, Hood River, Ore. Growing up, I was surrounded by forest green trees, Mount Hood and Mount Adams. I am 21 years old and am the youngest child in a family of eight. Thanks to the environment I was raised in, I learned to become an independent, strong Latina woman, who was taught at a young age that in order to strive in life you must work hard, try your best, never give up and maintain a positive attitude.

Growing up, I had always aspired for a job in news because learning and being informed about events that occur in life excite me. I knew right after high school I wanted to major in Journalism. In the fall 2009, I became a Diversity Excellence scholar and enrolled in the University of Oregon. My first year at UO, I became involved on campus and joined DUCK TV and Alpha Phi International Fraternity.

Later, in the summer 2010, I landed my first internship as a news reporter for the Hood River News. My internship taught me a lot about how to write hard news stories, how to create news pitches and how to create a story from resources, research and news releases. When I returned to school in fall 2010, I became the director of community service for Alpha Phi and applied to the Oregon Daily Emerald and became a scene reporter. As scene reporter, I saw a different view of journalism and learned a new way to write stories. As I continued to explore the profession of news writing, I decided that public relations suited me best because interviewing and meeting new people are what interested me the most as a scene reporter.

I have declared my major in public relations and a minor in business administration. In the summer of 2011, I landed my second internship at Gorge Events. As an intern I helped run seven weddings in the Gorge, communicated with vendors and family members, and accommodated the family and guests with any concerns or issues.

Now, as a junior I have grown to be passionate for PR. Every day I am learning and exploring more about PR. Currently I am account executive for Allen Hall Public Relations. The account I work with is called the Friendship Foundation for International Students. As an account executive I help update FFIS’s website content, correct blog information, and implement new ideas for the organization to achieve one of its goal’s: to have a higher percentage of host family participation in the Lane County.

Furthermore, I cannot wait to see what the future holds for me and to keep expanding my career in PR. Hopefully in the next few years, I will be working at a PR agency and working my way up to becoming a PR representative for a corporation.


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